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Artist in aquarel, acryl and
pastel chalk.

    No tripod used. The panoramas are manually stitched using PhotoManager.    
Zoom picture (600 KB).
A desktop covering (multi-monitor) cyclorama-viewer/screen-saver comes with Photomanager.

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Zoom picture.

Organize your pictures by "drag & drop."
Batch processing.
Wide screen picture browser/panorama viewer.
Web album generator in version 5      Example Album      Shepherd Album
Installs over and older trial versions.

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 Drag pictures from: 
Picture panels
MS-Explorer windows
 Drop pictures on: 
Picture panels
Folder trees
Dropped pictures will be renamed on the spot.

Organize pictures by
Drag & Drop.
NO DATABASE needed to remember the order of your pictures !!!. The advanced way of BATCH RENAME. Picture-audio associations will be maintained for "WAV" and "MP3" files.
The created order is used by:
  • Windows© Explorer.
  • Any PC or player that links to these pictures.
  • Your Web folder.
  • Your CD burner.
  • Your PDA. ("HP IMage zone" plays the audio and shows the Catalogue-comment in sync with the pictures.)
  • Your…

  • Photo Manager.

    Rename Examples.
    Multi folder display.
    A number of sizable panels showing :
  • The panels' folder address (Holds the 10 last selected folders).
  • The selected picture.
  • Picture properties *.
  • Picture filenames listbox. Drag&Drop filenames to change the order or folder. Double click a filename for zoomed picture.
  • The folder tree listbox *. (Drag&Drop)
  • A thumb-filmstrip of the focused panel *.(Drag&Drop)
  • A folder tree of the focused panel *.
  • A picture-cursor *. (no click needed to view the image!).
  • A properties-hint coupled to picture cursor *.
  • The Context menu. (Mouse right-button click).
  • The "Folder overview" context menu shows all thumbnails in a separate window.(Drag&Drop)
  • Drag pictures from an ms-explorer window and drop them in a panel or thumbnail window.

  • * = user selectable.

    Photo Manager.

    Thumbnail display.
    Batch processor.
    Select a set of functions to be processed in one go over a batch of pictures. Selectable functions are: resize, crop with aspect ratio conversion, Compression factor, text overlay, pass-partout, copy, copy and rename, web-album.
    The files can be selected on picture/directory level (in/exclude subdirectories) and filtered by catalogue data and/or date-time slots.
    The selection can be copied to a folder for web-publishing, CD Burner, PDA\my documents.... (HP-Image-zone will play the picture associated audio and show the comments).

    Picture selection.
    Batch processor.
    Web album.
    Catalogue pictures.
    The EXIF information block of your JPG pictures is used to store the catalogue data. NO DATABASE needed !!!. No refreshes needed. Always in sync on any PC in the LAN or when picture are copied/moved to another folder or PC.
    A catalogue editor, facilitates you to add the catalogue information to each picture. Just insert your predefined default titles, subject, authors, keywords and comments.
    Batch processing to restore pictures' date/time to the pictures' date/time m ake date, after e.g. reloading from CD.
    Batch processing to update catalogue fields or adjust the photo taken date/time by an amount of time.

    Catalogue editor.
    Picture browser.
    Double click a picture name or thumbnail to zoom the picture to full-screen or in a sizable window. Browse the folder by mouse-wheel, mouse-buttons or keyboard.
    Use the magnifier glass to investigate picture details.
    Delete pictures while in zoomed mode.
    Adjust full-screen to "fit to monitor" or view pictures in oversized mode (fill-up e.g. a wide screen).
    360 Degrees cyclorama viewer.
    (Exif) Photo properties and Histogram overlay.
    Multi-monitor desktop support.

    Picture window.
    Magnifier glass.
    Picture editor.
    Rotate,resize or crop your pictures. Manual skyline correction. Edit Brightness,Contrast (Histogram stretching) and Gamma.
    Add or remove objects. Make your own composition with seamless insert of picture parts. Remove "Red eye Flash".
    Manage EXIF information (save, merge, update, new, add/remove thumbnail). The picture editor does not destroy Exif information. Updates the thumbnail to the edited picture.
    Contrast Enhancer
    Remove objects.
    Facilitates you to keep your archive up to date.
    Subtract successive archives from project-archive differences. Update the archive directly or create a successive archive (Folder) and copy the archive differences to this new successive archive. Write them to DVD or CD using your favourite writer

    Set up a filter (SQL) for the catalogue data, with "AND", "OR", "NOT" and "Date/time slot" functions to retrieve your pictures from your entire archive or a selected folder and possible sub-folders.
    Start a slide show with synchronised camera audio and display of Title, subject, keyword, comment, date/time).
    The viewer can be used as a windows screen saver. The screen saver uses its own pre-selected pictures. With the viewer cyclorama function enabled, oversized pictures will pan automatically.

    An extensive help file has been included. 364 Days trial version available (download Photo Manager).

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